Wind & Hail Insurance: Why You Need It

Acts of God. You've heard the term. It usually seems to apply to a situation where there was no way that human preparation could have impacted a different outcome. Where, when, how things happen... and usually pertaining to weather.

If you own a home, you are subject to the vagaries of weather. Especially anywhere near the coast, weather can make a mockery of the best laid plans we have for our homes.

Here are four reasons you should consider adding Wind & Hail Insurance to your policy:

  1. New Roof: More often than not, wind and\or hail damages the roof of a structure more than any other part of the building. Unfortunately, a new roof is also among the most expensive things to replace. Without wind and hail coverage, your home's roof won't be covered, and replacement will be out-of-pocket.
  2. Water Damage: Even if you do not see any damage to your roof, wind and hail are likely the culprits if water makes its way into your home. Water damage - especially when you are unaware of it - can lead to the development of mold - and a house of mold is a health hazard.
  3. Lenders Require It: All mortgage banks require that you maintain wind and hail protection along with the home insurance policy.
  4. Now's the Best Time: Before rates continue to rise, it's a great time to have a discussion about adding this coverage to your policy!

If you don't currently have wind and hail coverage, let's talk. It may be less expensive than you think - and you'll thank us when the cost of your new roof doesn't come out of your pocket!

Please call one of our licensed consultants to discuss your North Carolina Wind & Hail Insurance options. Call us at (910) 591-1010 and ask us about our All-Inclusive Homeowners Insurance Policies.

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