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Auto insurance is an incredibly important piece of the insurance puzzle that you need to have – and in North Carolina your needs may often be very specific. A lot of people choose to drive with ‘liability only’ insurance, not realizing the danger they are putting themselves and their families in financially. Comprehensive coverage, often called “other than collision”, covers your vehicle for not at fault, non-accident collisions. For example, comprehensive would cover you if your car were stolen, or left out in a hail storm – things you otherwise have no control over.

North Carolina auto owners should also consider what would happen to their vehicle in a flood. Comprehensive coverage is what would step in to help you either replace or repair your vehicle after a devastating flood.

From the Outer Banks down to the Brunswick County Beaches, North Carolina Coastal areas we often have hurricanes and large storms that can cause hail, high winds, and even knock down trees and lamp posts! Knowing that your family is safe and protected in this types of situations is vital, and at NC Coastal Auto Insurance we have the knowledge and experience to make sure you are well taken care of!

Check out our blog post: 12 Things Affecting Your Car Insurance Rates in North Carolina to see what’s affecting your monthly payment!

Think you’re paying too much for your current policy? Challenge us! North Carolina Coastal Insurance has an 85% success rate in lowering our clients rates – we would love to help you save too! Give us a call at (910)591-1010 or just fill out the form below. While we are based in Wilmington, we offer car insurance assistance throughout the entire State of North Carolina.

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