Did you know that flooding is the most recurring and destructive natural disaster that happens everywhere?

It happens more than fire, hurricanes, or tornados.

Did you know that 95% of homeowners do not have flood insurance coverage?

It's unfortunate considering that a basic flood insurance policy starts at $475 per year.

If your home sustains flood damage and you don't have flood insurance, then the federal government and FEMA does not bail you out.

Instead, what they do offer is a $30,000 loan, payable back to FEMA in monthly installments. $30,000 is not enough to repair most homes, so the rest would be an out of pocket expense.

Don't be mistaken by the term "My home is not in a flood zone". All homes are in a flood zone!

It may be in a Flood Zone X, also known as a non severe flood zone. But that's still a flood zone, and the flood zone that floods the most. When you see a flood disaster in the news, 99% of the time, it's happening in a Flood Zone X. This flood zone has less infrastructure than the more severe Flood Zones AE or VE. These flood zones have greater water drainage systems and levees.

During Hurricane Florence in September 2018, the majority of the flooding that ocurred in coastal North Carolina, was all Flood Zone X. And guess what, most homeowners did not have flood insurance Coverage.

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