Renting a Car

If an auto insurance policy includes full coverage on a vehicle, that coverage will be able to be transferred over to the rental vehicle as long as the vehicle that is being rented is a personal auto that weighs under 10,000 lbs (a commercial vehicle that weighs over 10,000 lbs would not be covered). Typically, loss of use is not covered... this means that if a rental car was involved in an accident, the amount of money lost from the rental car not being rented, would typically not be paid out from your insurance.

Any points, violations, or incidents are reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Therefore, if you were involved in an accident, and file a claim on insurance obtained from the rental car agency, it would still have the potential to affect your insurance rate, because it would show up on the Motor Vehicle Reports.

Please be advised that although your current auto policy coverage would be transferred over to a personal auto rental vehicle, it will not assist with the cost in renting the vehicle. Rental Reimbursement reimburses the insured for each qualified disablement on a covered vehicle. Qualified disablement means a loss covered by the Liability, Other than Collision (Comprehensive), or Collision coverage sections of the policy (this does not include mechanical breakdown).

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