Past Hurricanes and the Lessons Learned

The lessons taught by the last major hurricane, "Heavyweight Harvey" are endless and the financial costs have surpassed $125,000,000,000 Billion, while flooding 150,000 homes and killing 68 people and countless pets.

In Houston, the peril of wind was defended against by all the concrete that makes up a large city, though it didn't assist in the large amounts of rainfall that resulted in a massive flood.

The flood quickly brought upon another catastrophic situation when it was understood that most - 95% of homes and businesses - were not insured for flood coverage and that FEMA and The National Flood Insurance program, don't pay out on claims if you don't have a policy, and this flood like most floods, occurred in "Preferred Flood Zone X where it is not mandated to have.

The insurance industry is still analyzing data and building fancier tools to calculate the chances of the next big one. The important lesson here should be for the rest of us that misjudge and therefore disregard the biggest and most recurring natural disaster in human history, flooding.

Buy flood insurance, it's inexpensive!

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