The HO-3 Policy Form is the most utilized homeowners insurance policy nationally

The HO-3 Policy form is the most comprehensive coverage you can buy for your home insurance protection. It protects the home from hazards such as Fire, Water Damage, Lightning, Power Surges, Theft, Vandalism, Freezing Pipes, plus Wind and Hail Coverage, which also includes Hurricanes and Tornadoes.

The three main perils not covered under any home insurance policy are Flood, Earthquake/Land Movement, and War. Flood Insurance is always a separate policy, but don't worry, flood insurance coverage starts at $475 yearly. Earthquake Coverage may be required depending on where in the country your home is located. Be Careful, In the Coastal Counties of North Carolina, some home insurance companies will exclude the Wind and Hail Coverage from the HO-3.

It is always best to purchase your home insurance from a specialized local agency that has access to many companies and that underwrite All-Inclusive Homeowners insurance policies that include Wind/Hail/Hurricane/Tornado Coverage.

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