Moped owners in North Carolina add to their to-do lists

Big changes came to NC this summer when a law was passed stating that all mopeds are to be registered with the state. Anyone who owns a moped or scooter has to register along with getting a registration card and license plate.

So what does this change mean for all of the moped owners in North Carolina?

After the law was passed law enforcement gave motorists a 60-day grace period to get the tags required for their moped. This allowed motorists to transition with the new law, and complete their registration in a more convenient manor. The cost of registering each moped is $18 annually, although a few spots have lower prices, and the plates must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle. Being caught without tags could result in fines.

Other moped requirements include:

  • One must be 16 years of age or older to operate on North Carolina highways or public vehicular areas.
  • State law requires operators to wear a motorcycle safety helmet when using a moped on North Carolina highways.

As of July 2016 mopeds and scooters of all varieties will be required to have liability insurance. For both moped owners, as well as insurance companies this will be a new transition. This could mean more cost for insurance companies as well as consumers who's primary source of transportation is a moped or scooter. Is it possible that this will change the primary way that mopeds and scooters are used for transportation?

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