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Past Hurricanes and the Lessons Learned

The lessons taught by the last major hurricane, "Heavyweight Harvey" are endless and the financial costs have surpassed $125,000,000,000 Billion, while flooding 150,000 homes and killing 68 people and countless pets.

In Houston, the peril of wind was defended against by all the concrete that makes up a large city, though it didn't assist in the large amounts of rainfall that resulted in a massive flood.

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Wind & Hail Insurance: Why You Need It

If you own a home, you are subject to the vagaries of weather. Especially anywhere near the coast, weather can make a mockery of the best laid plans we have for our homes. Here are four reasons you should consider adding Wind & Hail Insurance to your policy

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Shifting Winter Storms and Hard-to-Place Property Insurance

This year, winter storms have brought tornadoes to the Florida panhandle, flooding to the Jersey Shore and so much snowfall to California that some people expect to be skiing until April. El Nino is at the center of the extreme weather pattern, and it is shaking up the insurance market from coast to coast...

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